Corfu – Greece -2017 – October 13, 14, 15, 16, 17

Tew Bunnag, with Dr Vicente Arraez and Dr Susy Cortes of the Vinyana Association of Spain

at Casa Lucia Corfu Greece

A two-module programme to familiarize us with the phases of terminal illness and the needs of the patient and family members.  Suitable  for members of the medical, para-medical and caring professions, as well as for those with relatives and dear friends nearing the end of life.

 The course will be in English with translation from Spanish, and wherever necessary into Greek

 First module: (Total 20 hours)


 Friday October 13:  Arrivals: Lunch: 

Introduction and 1st session: 16.00 to 19.30 :  (Soup) :  21.00 – 22.00

Saturday 14/10 : 08.00- 09.00:  (Breakfast): 10.15 – 13.45: ( Lunch and rest)

16.00 to 19.30 : ( Soup): 21.00 – 22.00

Sunday 15/10:  08.00 – 09.00:  (Breakfast): 10.15-13.45: (Lunch)


Rest of the afternoon and evening free: no organised supper: Lucciola restaurant open 

Second Module: (Total 20 hours)

Monday 16 /10 08.00 – 09.00 : (Breakfast): 10.00-14.00 : (Lunch)

15.30 – 19.30:  (Soup):  21.00 – 22.00 

Tuesday 17/10:  08.00 – 09.00(Breakfast ): 10.00 – 14.00 : (Lunch)

15.30 – 19.30:  (Soup):  21.00 – 22.00


For bookings please contact Val Androutsopoulou at Casa Lucia, Sgombou, Corfu, Greece

Tel: 0030 26610-91419:   mobile 0030 6979470571

or Lia Constantinidi at 0030 6944202112



Advances in modern medicine have made great contributions to palliative care so that the painful symptoms accompanying a disease can now be more efficiently controlled. But the provision of adequate spiritual companionship to persons at the end of their lives, which means helping them through the moments of inner crisis and turmoil, remains an issue that needs to be addressed with much more attention. We need to ensure that the process of dying becomes humanised and integrated into our culture and that the service of spiritual companionship is eventually available to everyone.

This can be done through training and support that integrates spiritual wellbeing within the

personal, professional and family framework, based on the concept of an open secular

spirituality;  integrating new knowledge and techniques in medical science with the best

contributions of the wisdom traditions.   To this end Vinyana  has established a training programme for  professional health carers and volunteers that has become increasingly in demand throughout Spain. In this course in Casa Lucia three members of the Vinyana team will share with us their experience in the spiritual care for those at the end of life.

Certificates will be issued on completion of both modules.   These in fact are valuable not just to those who might wish to help in a hospice or a health centre, but to anyone who is interested in having the basic skills with which to accompany a dying person.

To familiarize the trainee with the phases of terminal illness, as well as the needs of the patient and family members.
To understand the role and function of spiritual companionship.
To explore the different ways of accompanying.


The training is basically experiential. Background knowledge including a bibliography will be provided but the emphasis will be on exercises and practices adapted from different spiritual cultures, as well as role playing.

First Module  

The phases of dying. The final stage.
Skills in communicating difficult situations.

Tools for accompanying

Second Module 

The Family and the role of family members.

Caring for the carer
The tasks of the volunteer

Ethical issues

Casa Lucia Corfu Greece