Vinyana’s mission is to attend to the spiritual aspects related to the process of dying.

Our aim is to promote a social consciousness that helps people to die well, by developing various means of empowerment and support so that spiritual companionship can be integrated into the field of professional health care, as well as responding to the individual and the family’s needs.

If we were to chose, we would want to die well. Nevertheless Fear of pain and suffering is the most common emotion that we have to deal with. In our culture Death is a subject covered up by taboos. It is a topic that we avoid talking about.

Our principal objectives are 

· To train people to carry out spiritual accompaniment

· To facilitate the connection between someone needing spiritual companionship and a volunteer offering this service who belongs to Vinyana association

· To collaborate with others who are interested in raising consciousness over the surrounding issues and promoting a good process of dying from the perspective of the individual, the medical and the family.

Our work is based on a concept of open, secular spirituality that integrates the latest investigations and discoveries of modern science with the insights handed down by traditional spiritual traditions.


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